WHOA! You SAID It!!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 8, 2005

"Sweessh! It felt good.... Fun now, but... in rough waters with... temps 10 deg lower doesn't appeal to me much.

Susan, you are already miles ahead of too many kayaking people! You GOT WET! Congratulations!!

There is nothing - but nothing! - so educational and simple as splashing around with your boat a little. Dump it, try to get back in it, experience it with a flooded cockpit, empty it in different ways, just PLAY around it instead of in it. It's splendid fun on a hot day, and will teach you far more than you can imagine -- and boost your confidence as a paddler considerably.

I'm not saying nobody ever does this, but dagummit, from what I see it sure seems that way sometimes. I can never understannd why folks love to go swimming, and love to go kayaking, but seem to fear and loathe the very notion of putting the two together...

Cheers, Kurt


A Little Boat Handling Practice Is FUN!

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