Re: Your problem is...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jun 8, 2005

There is indeed a physical sensation: RELEASE!!!

My first word, no - sound when I walked out the lab door for the last time was simply this, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" I rode my motorcycle to work so that I could mix two great feelings during one occasion. I took the long way home, too!

After 21 years of working the shift, nights and days, I am totally relaxed for the first time since 1982. I have started running long distance again on a regular basis ANNNNNND I am around a LOT more to annoy my kids - you know, get even with them for all the years they made noise while I was trying to sleep off a night shift. Hee! Hee!

I'm still not sure what I will do for a living but right now that just doesn't matter. I'll think about that another day.

Robert N(o worries) Pruden

In Response to: Your problem is... by Karl on Jun 7, 2005



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