Re: Darn Butt Joint

Posted by Mac on Jun 6, 2005


I'm assuming (always a dumb thing to do) that this is the butt joint beside the coaming?

If you have a very fine hobby saw (looks like a very small miter box saw0 or a back saw you can make two parrallel cuts - one on either side of the mess, chisel out the old joint down to the backing piece, and then inlay another piece of okoume of the same thickness as your deck (or any nice wood for that matter) with the grain running at 90 degrees to your deck's grain.

It'll look like an acsent piece, and folks'll think you're an artiste.

Easier than you may think - I do it all the time because I like the look. Even a perfect butt joint brings two pieces of wood together that don't have matching grain. Just a little 1/2 inch inlay makes all the difference.

Have fun.


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