It was heat

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jun 6, 2005

Mixing the resin/hardener creates an exothermic chemical reaction that releases copious amounts of heat. The more epoxy you mix, the hotter the mixture gets. Your end pour was probably boiling something furious while it was curing, causing the resin to run all over the place. I have solved that problem by mixing only small amounts of epoxy for the end pours and by wrapping the bow/stern in bags of ice to keep the reaction cool.

You won't be able to remove the cardboard because it is a celulose-based material that epoxy loves to bond to. Leave it there or peel back as much as you can, it won't do any hard to anything. Eventually, as it gets wet, it will fall away anyway.

It's good to hear you got her all fixed up and back to "normal"

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: End Damn disaster by paul on Jun 6, 2005



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