Re: End Damn disaster

Posted by George K on Jun 6, 2005

My $0.02:

I have used both MAS and System Three. Both slow hardeners. The MAS generated a slight amount of heat, and a very slight bit of expansion, but nothing like the System Three. I had the same experience as Paul, but I stayed with the boat and kept scraping the dookie-schmooz (hope I spelled that right) as it was growing out of the boat. Then I sureformed/planed/sanded it so the deck had a smooth surface to glue down to. Not a problem.

Paul, you should be able to scrape/sand the goo off the side of your boat and not even hit the cloth. As the goo is brown just sand down to a uniform grey which will be the underlying epoxy. Going over the area with a damp cloth will reveal any of the goo left as it will be a dark spot.


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