Re: End Damn disaster

Posted by FrankP on Jun 6, 2005


I just tore as much of the cardboard out as was easy and left the rest. It won't be visible and won't affect anything, so it's not really worth stressing over.

That is definitely an interesting issue with the endpours. I would say you're right about the heat retention, I had a lot of heat in mine and they were small endpours that were very thick, to minimize weight. I think mine were substantially thicker (from looking at your pics) than yours were though, which probably prevented them from outright boiling over. I also didn't fill all the way to the lip, but rather about halfway up the sheer clamps, or maybe a little lower.

Good that it turned out all right, even if it did delay the deck install. Frustrating, but only a minor setback in the end.


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