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Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 4, 2005

You can also try a heat gun. Like they use for stripping paint. It will bubble the resin right out of the wood. It comes out fast so have a sharp putty knife ready and some old cardboard to wipe the knife on. Keep at it until no more bubbles out. It may take 4 or more passes with the heat and scraper. Watch out you do not burn the wood but you do need to hold the heat gun about 4 or 5 inches off the wood. Get it good and hot - you will see bubbles right away. It will actually be easier than you think. Be sure to have good ventilation and wear a good cartridge mask so you do not breathe the hot resin. All is not lost! When the heat gun won't get any more out then carefully scrape or sand until the sandpaper does not gum up. Then follow Roberts good advice.

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