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Posted by LeeG on Jun 4, 2005

Since there's no structural reason for overlapping deck glass onto the hull as there would be in kayaks that have interior deck/hull seams you can cut it nearly flush right below the round over. All this takes a roll of tape and cutting with a sharp utility knife. 1. round over sheer 2. lay down blue masking tape about 3/16" below the round over, lay 2" clear tape on the narrower tape. (assuming you haven't spent the big bucks for wide tape) 3. glass deck overlapping onto the tape a little. 4. when partially cured cut glass while gently pulling up the tape. The edge is close enough to the sheer that you can hold the knife at a very shallow angle cutting the edge and fairing at the same time. Go back with scraper. 5. roll on THIN fill coats,, . 6. roll two extra fill coats over the sheer all around and three extra from a couple feet behind the cockpit to a couple feet forward of the cockpit. The extra THIN coats of epoxy on the sheer ensure that you don't sand into the glass.

Wrapping glass over the edge looks structural and the method above takes an extra hour of prep and care but it eliminates the finesse required to NOT cut into the hull/sheer with the ROS and eliminates about a yard of non-structural glass/epoxy. The 4oz deck glass really is for the deck,,wrapping it over the sides doesn't do anything for the reason you'd have deck glass. The trick is not to put on glass that you have to then take off with sander/scraper. Reducing the thickness of fill coats and cutting cloth keeps you from having to scrape large areas or aerate epoxy/glass with the sander.

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