Re: Bad fillet grind and

Posted by Howard on Jun 4, 2005


i saw the pictures you posted several days back.

i would remove as much of the existing fillet as possible and come in and re-do the fillet with woodflour thickened epoxy...and then immediatley move to my 3 inch taping.

you will know when you have removed enough of the existing fillet when you could put a smooth layer of thickened epoxy over it. try making youself a fillet form (2" radius ought to do it) and see if you can run that over the existing chines....let it cure for a little bit till it is firm (but not fully cured)...then go right to taping. (just like the manual would suggest if you were taping fresh).


In Response to: Bad fillet grind and prep by raul calzadilla on Jun 4, 2005



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