Bad fillet grind and prep

Posted by raul calzadilla on Jun 4, 2005

I am griding down all the bad 3" tape inside the unfinished hull of an MC 16.5. The tape was saturated but floating in many places.The thickened epoxy fillets have more material than actually required.

How fair (or smooth) do the fillets and sorrounding wood need to be so that the new 3" tape will stick and look good.

The grinding has left shallow scrapes on the fillets and some of the bare wood. Does it have to be totally smooth and even ?

How about treating the affected area (wider than original fillets)and either spreading some unthickened epoxy and then taping before it fully cures, or spreading some thickened epoxy, scraping off excess and taping before it cures?

Alternately, doing either of the above and waiting until it cures to see how, and if, it has evened out the scratches? Would I then have to sand before applying the 3" tape?

Even if you have never done it I'd appreciate your experienced guess. tks raul



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