Posted by Matt Croce on May 24, 2005

I'll know about the toothpick color in about two days...I'm doing the final sanding of the hull tonight, and then glassing it tomorrow, this weekend at the latest.

Here's my take on it -- it wasn't that much work to pull the wires (I tabbed the hull, then pulled the wires), even the ones that were buried in epoxy (in the bow and stern area). It absolutely removes issues with wires sticking out, uneven sanding due to the wire being harder than the wood, shiny copper wire on a bright finished kayak, etc.

Filling the holes with toothpicks was easy; I didn't purposely match the color, but the holes are nearly invisible prior to glassing. Even if they turn dark when they are epoxied, they will still look better than wire.

Bottom line, it only took about two hours of my time, so I don't really care if it looks stellar; it will still look better than wire.


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