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Posted by Laszlo on May 24, 2005

Why bother?

Philosophical reasons. It's a wooden boat, so no metal. The one I built has no stitches, no nails, no screws.

If the coppper ever gets exposed to water, it'll corrode to an ugly green color and leave streaks.

The seams can be made thinner without the wire. Save money and weight.

Don't have to worry about accidently snagging a wire with a scraper, saw, etc. and being condemned to an afternoon of sharpening when epoxying was the plan.

You don't have to worry about the boat frying if you accidently leave it stored in front of a high-power radar.

Metal detectors won't see it so you can smuggle it onboard an airplane under your coat.

US Navy magnetic homing torpedoes won't accidentally lock on to you.

Pick one :-)


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