Re: Sorry Mislav!

Posted by Mac on May 24, 2005


Sorry - I should have remembered it was you. (Age is creeping up on me - short term AND long term memory problems...where was I? Oh, yeah...)

Too bad the beechwood changed colour - seems that epoxy or varnish does that to just about everything. I find that wetting the wood(s) first is a good test of what the final look will be.

Matt - how did the lighter coloured toothpicks work out?

Myself, I just left the holes, and the epoxy filled them during the fiberglass cloth wetout - again, they're darker than the surrounding okoume but really not very visible 4 - 5 feet away (Kurt Maurer's test) - (and he's a cabinet maker).

They're going to show - either as shiney bits of copper or as dots of lighter or darker fill. Sort of like the scars from being stitched up after an operation - wanna see my scar?

But the doctor REMOVES the sutures, and I remove my wires.

So there.

Great day all,


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