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Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 24, 2005

...the interior of the cockpit is covered by the spray skirt when in use. When not in use the boat should always be stored so that it is not exposed to sunlight to protect its finish even with a varnished finish. That move prolongs the life of your boat. You will nto successfully be able to epoxy anything over varnish, the two coatings are not compatible for effective adhesion. Save the varnish for the exterior. Use a thin layer of epoxy to get a nice finish in the cockpit if that is what you want. Personally, I just sanded the cockpit interior of my boats and left it that way. I keep a large piece of closed-celll foam on the floor of the cockpit to give my heels something comfortable to rest on. The foam also protects the hull from excessive wear by the heels of my booties, which can easily grind fine sand into the floor and wear it away prematurely.

I hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Varnishing Interior by Matt Croce on May 21, 2005


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