Three years of sun and...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 24, 2005

My boat was painted with Tremclad and varnished heavily. I recently sanded off the Tremclad painted areas to rehabilitate the boat. I sanded off the varnished areas, too. I found that the wood protected by vanish (Spar Varnish) was sun bleached while the Tremclad covered wood was darker, as it was when first painted. All that under the epoxied finish. The epoxy itself is in great condition. There is no apparent degredation of structural integrity. I plan on repainting the boat after I finish repairing the damage I have done to it after three years of ramming her over sand/gravel/ice and snow. I fully expect the ghost images created by the bleaching to disappear after a year or so when the newly exposed darker areas becoem sun bleached.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: UV Protection by Tim M. on May 23, 2005


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