Re: Pick Up Rack Recomend

Posted by Karl on May 23, 2005

Yep, they ain't givin' em away, that's for sure! I ended up buying a System One utility rack for my Dodge Ram, they make them in sizes for smaller trucks as well. For the money, they seemed like the most bulletproof set up I could find. Rack Warehouse (online) has them going for $304 for the basic utility rig. They are extremely beefy, something like 4 1/2" wide aluminum extrusions with a pair of T-slots in each crosspiece to mount accessories into. The track that they mount into stays permanently mounted onto the truck bed rails. The rear uprights come off the truck in about 2 minutes flat, the front one takes about 5-10 minutes. Both are held onto the mounts with 5/16" stainless carriage bolts. The rack has a rated capacity of 600lbs. I'd guess it's underrated. Conversely, the same store sells a Mirage truck rack made of smaller gauge steel tubing for $299. It is only rated for 300lbs. The ultimate set up of course is the Trac Rack, I just couldn't justify the $600 plus for it.

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