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Posted by LeeG on May 23, 2005

Dick, You are refering to the aft deck. What is being discussed here is the curved foredeck where the laminated 24mm coaming and 4mm glassed deck provides substantial strength for normal use. It's more wood than in the Arctic Hawk kit which is a well tested design and has no permanent deck beam. Actually any damage to the foredeck during rescues would occure mid point between the coaming and frontbulkhead where the greatest amount of flexing is possible and not right under the forward edge of the coaming where the coaming stack AND glassed deck is solid.

On the aft deck of one piece decks like the LT Chesapeakes it's worth doing it just like the Arctic Hawk,,pre-glass the underside between bulkhead and aft hatch before the deck goes on. Like you I've added extra transverse strips on the forward edge of the aft hatch on the original design and on a Ch18 used by heavy folks but at that point it's worth glassing the underside where the greatest stress occurs, between the aft edge of the coaming and the forward edge of the aft hatch.

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