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Posted by LeeG on May 23, 2005

I didn't say lots of epoxy, I said enough. The epoxy test provides some clear examples of fabric whitening. Measure out sometime how much epoxy is actually used in thin fill coats, an amount that doesn't form drips,it's not that much. All that assumes the wet-out coat leaves the glass flat and even with no ripples that can get sanded into. You can do it anyway you like according to the care the kayak will get, if it gets left outside or used a lot then protective fill coats that prevent water from getting to the glass will last longer than minimal fill coats that allow water to get through nicks in the varnish.

Look at how much epoxy can be used in 1 1/4" wide fillets compared to 3/4" wide fillets. 8oz endpours vs. 3oz endpours. There's easily a pound of epoxy there that can be spread around in fill coats with no structural losses at those areas.

It's hard to get thin fill coats in cold weather though.

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