Re: deck beam

Posted by Kyle T. on May 23, 2005

We will just call my design attempt a test. During my test I successfully built two fully outfitted tandems at under #45 lbs each. To do so certainly requires compromises. This was for racing.

I suppose you have to build a few strip built kayaks to start thinking that most S&G kayaks are over built (not that that is a bad thing). As far as I know there are no strip built kayaks with deck beams. I believe the plywood deck is stronger than a strip deck yet I still donít hear about deck failures from the strip builders and mine has never given any indication of weakness. In fact the experience of building a strip boat is where I came up with the idea of using a form to take place of the deck beam in the first place.

I recommended the procedure to Mislav because he was having trouble with his deck beam. I also recommended the addition of the under deck strips that would functionally replace the deck beam in strength. That makes it just an alternate method of constructing the deck beam (after the deck installation instead of before) and will not change the kayaks structural integrity.

He doesnít need to be part of my tests.


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