floor glassing Q (pram)

Posted by mullman on May 23, 2005

So far everything has been progressing smoothly on my Eastport Pram.

The lapstrake construction is genius! I have the transoms fillets in place and ran a nice fillet between the bottom and first side boards.

What is not clear to me is the use of masking or packing tape on the bottom of the second side board when I glass the bottom. - When done, do I remove this tape? - Leave in place and epoxy over it? - Isn't is hard to trim the glass after you coat it with epoxy?

My neighbor built a Mill Creek and I asked him what to do - he was not sure either ;^)

BTW, with my 20w soldering iron removing the copper wires took FOREVER. Had to heat each wire about 35 secs. But I am glad I did it since I want to finish the inside of my boat to a very high standard.

Thanks for any advice...




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