Re: MC13 sheer clamps

Posted by Randy Knauff on May 22, 2005

Get a mental picture of looking at your hull from standing at the stern. You have you left side panel (best side out) and right side panel (best side out). On the finished boat the shear strips will be on the inside of each panel, where you make you pencil lines. If you were to lift your right panel over the left one and place IT on the left side back to back/best sides touching, your shear strips would now be on the outside of each panel, away from each other. This is the position for gluing and clamping.

shearstrip-inside of right panel-(best side of panels together)-left panel inside-other shearstrip

I put plactic wrap between the two panels just to protect the good sides and avoid any chance of gluing them together.


In Response to: MC13 sheer clamps by Chris Hill on May 22, 2005



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