Re: Bad taping of fillets

Posted by Howard on May 22, 2005

i agree with the guys...but would add the following cautions....

when you have loose pieces of glass like that....they can be very sharp and easily fly up when you sand them (especially with a power tool). use eye protection (goggles/not glasses) and watch the placement of your fingers/hand so as not to cut them.

a ROS sander with 80 grit can remove a lot of material very quickly. trying to get into corners can be a bit you want to be careful that you only sand what you are trying to sand and not gouge wood that you don't want to touch. if it were me...i would probably make a sandling block in about the shape/size that i thought would work best...and do it by hand. 80 grit is abrasive enough that hand sanding is pretty quick work. you can even shape a block in the shape of fillets that you want to help even out the current sloppy fillet.

take your will come out great.


In Response to: Re: Bad taping of fillets by Robert N Pruden on May 21, 2005



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