Re: Hatches Away

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 21, 2005

There are a lot of threads at the Guillemot Kayaks site that cover the internal bungie setup. Go there to learn more. I did some of the work for you by searching for the most obvious threads. There are many other threads with excellent ideas. See the threads at the following links:


If the bungies aren't effective in keeping water out, you can convert your hatch system to a magnetic attachment system.


I am considering converting my strap-based setup to a rare earth magnet system. First, though, I am going to get rid of the nuts and bolts/soft padeye setup for the deck lines and build in recessed hooks that I can thread the deck lines through. I'm hoping to start work on that as soon as next weekend.

Hope this helps, Sue.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Hatches Away by Susan on May 21, 2005



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