Hatches Away

Posted by Susan on May 21, 2005

Was the three straps per hatch part of the original design, or was it to tighten it up a bit more afterwards?

The reason I bring this up is I decided to go strapless with my hatches by designing a simple internal bungee system. I will be using two bungees per hatch which attach on each of the foward and aft hatch beams to an angled dowel then passing down thru blocks located on the inside bottom chine area.

I'm very please with the dry test run. It simple, and being that my hatches have the edge all around I can get a good lift on it when needed. I hadn't had the foam seal on the hatches yet and didn't have it exposed to the wet stuff so I don't know How well of a seal its going to be. I may end up having to modify both the number and placement of the dowels. We shall see.

I'm sure someone out here has tried this before. I'd like to hear from you.




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