Re: seatplacement, hip br

Posted by LeeG on May 21, 2005

the hb seat is a conflicted option in that the triangular wood hip braces and the minicell hip "wings" obviously don't match. If you don't route the back band webbing behind a solid connection to the hull the strap digs into your hips a little bit, especially if there's much room between your hip and the hip braces. Most folks compromise and leave the wood braces out and let the wings fall where they may otherwise if you put the wood hip braces in as one normally would, nearly vertical set back about 3/8" from the inside edge of the coaming, the 'wings' on the HB seat will reduce the seat width considerably. If you put in the wood hip braces to match the angle that works well with the HB hip braces it'll involve cutting down the braces and angling them back. Not sure where they would rest at that point. If you're going to retain the solid connecttion for the back band and route it behind the wood hip braces you might as well get some plywood that is cut to match the hip braces since they are so much wider than the triangular wood ones. My $.02, is to velcro the seat in and let the wing's and back band straps fall where they may and after some time paddling decide if you want to do something different instead of gluing in wood that is specific to that seat then discovering in a couple years time you want something different that requires cutting out.

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