mixing dye with epoxy

Posted by jamie on May 21, 2005

I am hoping to find information about options and alternatives to staining wood, since the construcion methods of the arctic hawk kit I am building may make it difficult to use a traditional stain. I have been reading back posts on this forum and have followed links to the excellent epoxyworks article about mixing different types of dye with the epoxy as a colorant. The one question I had which remained unanswered after reading the article was whether or not the finish would be sufficiently transparent to see a natural wood grain through it... the article makes reference to some of the dyes being more opaque than others, but does not give a very comprehensive exploration of whether or not a dye/epoxy mix can be effective as a color glaze rather than a paint.

Does anyone have experience with mixing additives into epoxy other than the usual ones (silica, graphite) that might be able to help me out?



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