Re: Oh, I'm a lumberjack.

Posted by Karl on May 20, 2005

Nice!! Obscure Python references on a kayak BBS...Cool. Now I see who I'm dealing with.

Couldn't a lurker be considered a voyeur?

Okay, kayaking topic just to keep it real, anyone ever use an electric carving knife on minicell? I've waited until after I got a feel for the boat a bit before outfitting the cockpit. Now that I know my pressure points a bit better I'd like to outfit it with thigh braces etc. carved from minicell. I just didn't have a tremendous amount of faith in the recommended locations of the plywood braces in the cockpit based upon my unusually large size.

In Response to: Oh, I'm a lumberjack... by Laszlo on May 20, 2005



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