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Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 20, 2005

I think perhaps a lesson in semantics is needed.

Now, ordinarily, saying something like "the Burn and I are itching" would get you some minor notice but no real degree of raised eye brows. At this site and with some 'o the folks what hangs around here, well...ya jes cain't say nowthing like thet. See, me and some 'o the boys, we got this alptitude 'bout bein' wise-guy-like an' funny an' all. So when you say something like "the Burn and I are itching", well, that's a set-up for something funny or provocative.

Scientifically, if the "Burn" is itching, then it is in recovery from a nasty wound and that would be excellent news, unless, however, you are talking about a carpet burn, which would itch miserably because of all the wee fibres stuck under the top dermatic layer of the skin.

That said, however, you indicated your own involvement using the pronoun "I". Well, we can safely assume that either you do indeed have a burn and you have named it "the Burn" or no one is "burned" and so the itching has nothing to do with healing or recovery from nasty wounds. I can therefore deduce that the "Burn" is NOT a wound but a nickname for your boyfriend who has no other recourse but to be named "the Burn" and for some reason, is itching when in your presence, or that when you are together you both itch. I am somewhat confused that you would believe that kayaking can cure your cummunal itch. I personally have found that an aloe lotion or Calomine cream does well for relieving the symptoms of itchiness.

That said, if kayaking does relieve your itches, well then, so be it. Itch away and paddle till "the Burn" stops bothering you. Just remember that often times, paddling with a burn can be a pain, especially if the burn is...ok, I gotta stop now or John's gonna censor me.

Hee! Hee!

Latest kayak news: Just to let you know, I've been rehabilitating my boats so I haven't paddled in three weeks. I had to drydock my main float to repair gouges and seam splits and replace the ash rub strip with a brass stem band (done). I'm paddling to work on Sunday, that's one and a half hours downstream and probably 6 hrs upstream because the water levels ahe higher so that the current is faster.

Oh yeah, that and one of my kayak stories is gonna be published in an anthology of river travel stories. The book, Reading the River, will be released in September, 2005 by Coteau Books of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Robert N Pruden

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