Re: Susan's Zoomin'

Posted by Susan on May 20, 2005

Morning all,

yep, I gotta have that cup too! Now, if I could only get back to smoking a pack a day then I would never leave Susie's shed for I'd be to winded to go paddling. This wouldn't be all that bad, for I would promise to be more careful measuring, gluing and all that lives between.

I find my desire to finish the project a constant battle with my desire to get it as perfect as ~I~ can make it. I guess thats one of the reason why I'm hooked.

After I obsess over my boo boos I always comfort myself by saying, Susie, now you can do better than that.

The fact that its getting warmer here on this undiscovered Island and my boyfriend, The Burn and I are itching (no jokes Robert, I can just see where you'd be going with that one.) to venture out together doesn't help matters.

Yes, I do have a name for it but I will be releasing that when I get it complete. Pictures too.

Oh Mac, I've been here a while longer than that. I have a confession though. I used to be so incredibly shy that I discuised my true self with a fictious name. I know, I know, but, you have to acknowledge that there are very few women who post here. I was very intimidated. I hope you all can forgive me...

Thanks for the Minicell info. Although I don't have a bandsaw, but I figure if I'm careful maybe I can do a little carving here, and a little sanding there I'll be able to get somewhere with it. Eye candy, NO. Utility, I can only hope so.

Thanks for the support and thanks for letting me be me. Susie

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