A Bit More on Minicell

Posted by Mac on May 20, 2005

It is a bit expensive to start out, but it's wonderful to work with, remains dry as a bone and lasts a long time.

Minicell will cut on a band saw or scroll saw, and carves with a grapefruit knife, any serrated knife, a Shinto Rasp, and (my favorite) the yellow 2 1/2" curved Stanley Surform. I believe Kurt Maurer has even used an angle grinder. It will sand with 60 grit and can even be slightly glazed with a heat gun (carefully!)

AMAZING stuff.

My 2 cents would always be to make your seat, pad, braces, supports etc. on the large side to begin with. Use them for a while and complete the final shaping bit by bit.

Another art form.


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