Re: Cheap tow outfit

Posted by terry on May 13, 2005

Being cheaper than a miser's mentor, I made my own towing bag. I found a cheap but sturdy 2" nylon belt with a quick release buckle in an outdoor store. I got about 30 feet of floating polypro rope at K-mart, used a spare carabiner from my climbing junk, and some foam packing pads from a boom box I mailed ordered. Fasten the carabiner to one end of the rope and the other end to the belt (using slip-proof knots - see a mountaineering or nautical book for knots; splicing is better if you care to learn this handy skill). Tape the insulation near the carabiner so it will float. Store the whole thing in a small mesh laundary bag.

Works. And it has the added advantage of making you tow the line!


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