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Posted by LeeG on May 11, 2005

I think the mixed messages on end pours comes from the changes in construction from the CapeCharles/Patuxents to the Chesapeak where the sheerclamps became forshortened and deck glass was included. It's obvious when the sheerclamps go to the ends and cut to fit that you can put the deck on and round over the sheer and ends before putting in an end pour. With the foreshortened sheerclamps it's obvious you can't round over the sheer/ends without the end pour but putting the kayak on ends with an oversized deck isn't convenient so it becomes a two part sequence of trimming the sheer, end pour, trimming the ends. After a person has built a few s&g with endpours it becomes obvious that things can get too hot with too much goop so it makes sense to want to use goop during the filleting construction and control the amount. The big v shaped gap left with the foreshortened sheerclamps invites a solution to make deck trimming/bow rounding in one sequence along with doing it when goop mixing happens in the beginning. Then again going back to the original construction with the sheerclamps going to the ends and doing the end pours with the kayak resting on it's deck with 3oz of poured goop would suffice.

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