Dry top and dry pants

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 9, 2005

That's a good compromise for those kinda days, Mac. If you fall in they really do keep you dry. Heck, mine kept me dry when I fell in the ole North Sask in February, two years ago. I had time to see if anyone was watching and explain myself to the one man who was while I held onto the kayak. (I told him I was just practicingf but didn't say just exactly what I was practicing). I shoved the kayak back up onn the ice, climbed out of the river and went home. Total trip time - 2 seconds to miss a brace and flip, five minutes to ponder my future while talking with the man on the other side of the river (he never said anything either, gave me the willies, he did) and ten minutes to get back in the car.

I wear ankle length booties and neoprene gloves for those winter frolics. On the head I wear that old sheep skin thing with the ear flaps. A neo hood would be better or a fleece hood for warmer days.

There are some ideas, Mac, now get out there and do it again.

All of my boats are in dry dock as I repair them after beating the shit out of them on the ice. On the VJ, my favorite girl, I found a 9" long split on the keel right under my seat. There were also gouges right THROUGH the wood and numerous deep scrapes. I have decided to build a heavy duty shorty for the ice to give the VJ a rest from my icy forrays.

Robert N Pruden

PS: We Canadians have a tough northern image to upkeep, I expect to see you out there in December...just wait for the worst storm to hit to make it look good. See my first stormy paddle of 2005 at the link below.

First Winter Storm Paddle 2004

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