Re: End Pours - CH17

Posted by Howard on May 8, 2005

if you are not add thickener. if you are building a dam...thicken it with woodflour till it is a thick milkshake consistency.

while the woodflour thickened epoxy is stronger/less brittle....i suspect that you would probably have destroyed the boat by punching the bow back into the rest of the structure before you would notice the difference between thickened and unthickened epoxy when it comes to end-pours.

a milkshake thickened epoxy would be less dense/lighter than the equivelent volume of unthickened epoxy. but as several folks mentioned above...if you really want it light...glue in a wood block as your end pour. more importantly. if you use the epoxy methods the best way to keep it light is simply do not make the end-pour any bigger than it needs to be.


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