Re: End Pours - CH17

Posted by CLC on May 8, 2005

I second Howard's remarks. We started out advocating the stand-the-boat-on-end endpour (hence the term), but it had three drawbacks: One, you were working blind and the endpours were often messy. Two, standing the boat on end isn't an option if you're building your kayak, say, in a basement in Wisconsin in February. And three, we started getting calls from people whose boats had toppled over at some point in the procedure.

We still use both methods interchangeably here.

My favorite method: Before the deck is insetalled, stand the boat on end, stretch clear packing tape across bow to act as a temporary "deck", and pour in the epoxy. You get the gravity-assisted saturation of epoxy into the bow and stern crevasses, but you don't have to build a dam and you aren't working blind.

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