CH 14 kit questions

Posted by Dave on May 8, 2005

Some questions on the Chesapeake 14 kit:

Does the kit come with fiberglass for the deck or is that an extra? If so - is this 4oz or 6oz?

Does the kit come with complete rigging for the deck line and the bungies?

How much varnish is generally used - is a quart enough?

CLC has (or had) something they called a "racing option" which was all 3mm plywood and 4oz fiberglass. Is this available for the 14 and how much weight might it save? I've found the 3mm/4oz combo easier to work with then the 4mm/6oz so would consider this even if it doesn't save much weight. Is there still a place to order this on the web site?

Is there anything different about the 14 that I might think about in terms of outfitting or building? Any issues building from plans?

thanks for you insights -dave



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