Cartopping (again)

Posted by Karl on May 6, 2005

I know there has been a ton of posts about this one recently, but what the heck i'll throw another one in.

I have a Full sized pick-up, 6 1/2' bed with a set of System One ladder racks (great product, 4" wide aluminum extrusions with T-slots to mount stuff, very strong). On top of this I mounted a set of Yakima Land Shark saddles I had picked up for a song. My effective crossbar spacing ends up being something like 73"-74", and I'm carrying a CH-18. I have never used bow or stern lines on any of my plastic 'yaks, even the longer ones. I'm debating whether or not I need to do so on my 18. I'm concerned that I would be actually adding unnecessary stresses by running the lines. Once strapped down, pushing on either end will actually wiggle the truck a bit.

P.S. I carry the kayak bottom down. Nobody really wants to see my bottom up :)



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