Re: 1st Montreal Paddle

Posted by Karl on May 6, 2005

Feels good doesn't it? I'm itchin' to go out again myself, but between work, school, family time and the @#%@!! weather around here there just hasn't been many ops. I know, I know, insert comment about "fair weather paddler" here, but you know, it's just not as much fun when it's 40F and raining as it is at even 50F and sunny.

I was going to take the whole family out on the river this Sunday for Mummy's day, but the weather man is saying it's supposed to rain all freakin' weekend... Again!! If this keeps up I'll have enough down time to build another kayak!

Ooh... now there's an idea...(sound of gears clattering inside head, wisps of smoke rising from ears)... Gotta go pretend to do some work now.

In Response to: 1st Montreal Paddle by Mac on May 6, 2005



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