Re: Strange deck hatch id

Posted by GavinH on May 6, 2005

I similar ideas when building my CH16+17's. I envisaged using PVC, glueing it to the inside of the deck in sections, and creating a dry-bag mouth. Then I could use the dry-bag seal for water proofness, and the strapped on wooden hatch for eye candy.

Two issues arose when I was considering this idea:

1. I couldn't find a glue that would provide a strong, water proof joint between PVC and epoxied wood.

2. Hatch access was the other potential problem. We know how much of a dry bag is roll down! Just imagined that above the deck. It would probably only get in your way trying to squeeze stuff into and out of the hatches.

A solution to the second problem, would be to make the mouth of the dry-bag larger than the hatch, so that it could be folded out of the way.

If you do find a suitable glue, or another hard wearing fabric, please let me know.


In Response to: Strange deck hatch idea? by Susan on May 4, 2005



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