Re: Graphite, silica, etc

Posted by LeeG on May 6, 2005

If you want durability,ie. resistance to damaging the wood then the amount of glass and epoxy makes a bigger difference than the type of coating. It'll make a more slippery surface that doesn't change too much in appearnce when scratched. But it won't protect the underlying glass/wood from impacts any better than the same amount of plain epoxy. If you don't put a thick wear strip at the bow/stern you'll have to repair that just as quick as if it was varnished. I could see it having utility in a light race boat that's going to get dragged over things then repaired at the end of the season if needed otherwise the benefits are slight for practical durability. If the kind of durability you're speaking of is fewer repairs over a longer period of use then there's no free lunch,,put down more glass, thicker fillcoats, more coats of varnish. A little 'football' area of lighter glass over the regular 6oz hull glass will provide substantial durability when it comes to actually bashing into things. A few extra coats of graphite epoxy will provide a slippery surface,,that commits you to using graphite thereafter.

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