Re: Strange deck hatch id

Posted by Randy Knauff on May 4, 2005

Sounds good. Any hard cover you put over it doesn't have to be a tight or water proof fit. Look at all the neoprene covered hatches with a thin plastic or fiberglass cap/lid. With a very heavy duty fabric, very well fastened and sealed into your hull; you could probably do without the hard cover inless you are an avid surf basher or rock garden devotee. Lots of roll top deck bags go thru surf, are climbed over during reentries, etc. Whole kayaks are made out of fabric.

Without a cover, it wouldn't be a very smooth deck for aesthetics or to keep down splashing in rougher waves.

Good thinking out of the box/hatch.


In Response to: Strange deck hatch idea? by Susan on May 4, 2005



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