Re: sanding printed weave

Posted by Dave Houser on May 2, 2005

Most first-time builders have trouble telling when they are just sanding the highs off the fill coats (that occur in a weave pattern) and sanding into the cloth. I suggest first time builders sand first at the edges of the double layers (bow and stern seam or keel wear strip) to feather the edge down to the cloth below. That way you will see what sanding into cloth looks like before sanding above the single layer of cloth.

I sand until all of the shiney dimples disappear and add coats or local fills if I touch the cloth.

I do not wet sand epoxy because the water hides when you are sanding into the cloth and a ROS is faster (ROS and water do not mix well). If you must wet sand use Vaclav's Magic Marker Method.

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