Re: clc kayaks versus pyg

Posted by John Brantley on Apr 30, 2005

I am also in the process of decideing on a first kayak kit. I have decided that I like the hard chined greenland style and that has lead me to consider the Pygmy Arctic Tern, CLC Arctic Hawk, and the Shearwater Merngansers. I think it all comes down to fit, so if you leave near any of them, try them first. I live in the northeast and can get to Shearwater and CLC, so those will have the advantage immediately. I'm 6 ft, 200 lbs, so I am arguably at the edge of fitting the Arctic Hawk; I'll just have to see. Shearwater has a large family of Mergansers so it may be more likely that one of those will be appropriate, with the concern that those boats are lower volume, about bit more that 10 inches at the knees. If I don't really fit those, then I'll probably go with an Arctic Tern. At least that's the plan.

I think fit is everything, after all, you don't really sit in a kayak, you wear one. -John

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