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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 29, 2005

I used a heavy nylon with water-proof backing. It is basically the same stuff that most nylon spray skirts are made of. The recipie kindly posted by Peter is basically how I built mine. The only difference is that the apron on my skirt i sroughly 4.5" long due to a very large cockpit opening. When I rebuilt that kayak from the pieces recovered after going over the rapids back in 2001, I made the cockpit opening larger so that my wife who is handicapped could have easier access. I've added a link so you can view the images I took during the rebuild. In one of those pics you should be able to see how large the cockpit opening is.

I used newsprint to create a template for the opening. That was transfered via ink pen to the fabric and given an extra two inches for the seams and cord channel. The tube was cut as shown in Peter's recipie.

I hav yet to treat the skirt with water-proofing on the outside, will probably do that this summer. This skirt also needs support in the middle because it is so long. I plan on making a clip-on band that attaches to the coaming. I'll make that out of okhume.

Robert N Pruden

Rebuild Pictures

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