2 inch depth at the keel

Posted by Peter Clark on Apr 29, 2005

Well, I wired up all the panels and it looks like the lines are pretty fair. There were small flat spots both fore and aft of the center of the boat but when I relaxed the wires in those areas, they seemed to come out. While things look better now than they did before, I think that the depth measurement is still off. If I hold a straight piece of wood across the inside of the hull at the center of the boat, the "V" has a depth of about two inches. All other things seeming reasonably straight and even, I'm reluctant to start shaving the edges of the bottom panels to try and reduce the depth of the "V" to make it closer to 1.5 inches.

Unless someone can tell me that I'm making a big mistake I think that I may go ahead and apply the fillets next.

Thanks again guys ...

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