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Posted by CLC on Apr 29, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>Does anyone have any advice on how long to wait after putting the epoxy on before you decide that the piece is REALLY not wet out, and you need to add more?


100% related to the color/appearance of the fiberglass as you wet it out with the epoxy. If you still see any white (or gray) in the fabric, it means it hasn't been fully saturated. If the weave disappears beneath pools of epoxy on the first coat, that's a sign of too much resin.

>>>>>>>>Any tips on coating the wood? Use a brush? Use a spatula?


Lots of thin coats are always better. You get smoother finishes with less sanding and the boat's likely to weigh less.

>>>>>>>>Third, how much cleaning up do you do on the interior prior and after to the second coat of epoxy? I.E. does anyone scrape / sand the interior prior to proceeding?


Only in the cockpit area that's visible around the seat. (That area really should be varnished.) Other than looking for jagged 'glass that can snag gear or airbags, we never do anything beyond the second coat inside kayaks.

>>>>>>>>>I was thinking about painting the interior, but wasn't sure if it'd look okay on a bright boat.


We've painted the cockpits on a few of our bright-finished boats. I think it looks amazing; really sets off the deck varnish, while hiding forever aesthetically questionable fillets.

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