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Posted by Scot on Apr 29, 2005

1. Warm your epoxy and boat in the sun or warm room before beginning. If the wood is warm and slightly cools while you are working you will avoid bubbles due to outgassing. 2. I brush epoxy over the area to be taped, then lay down the tape over that. That amount will provide a majority of your wet-out! Obviously, white cloth is an indicator that you're lean on resin. But, Way to much resin is nearly always the case, IMO. A chip brush is fine for this, although I use a flexible rubber squeegee whe I can. (Small, black 3M squeegee available at some automotive stores.) 3. Coating the wood? Lately I've been trying these little 3" wide disposable rollers from Home Depot. The small, short handle is black and the roller covers have a very short white nap. They come in a little pack that has two spare covers, and the plastic package they comein can be used as a tray, though I use a regular paint tray. I like 'em,... I think. 4. Interior? You don't need any more coats! When applyng build coats, though, stay in the "green" window so you don't have to scuff, wash or sand the cloth. 5. Varnishing the interior and exterior is the easiest thing to do. Really. I'd wash, lightly sand and varnish the entire, interior cockpit area. Where the sun won't shine, leave it as is. You can do this varnishing after a week or so. The former posts address this varnishing issue, but there are some health risks associated with sanding epoxy that is still curing. Epoxy is "green" even after it can be sanded. Keep it up!

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