Re: Finishish Inside

Posted by George K on Apr 29, 2005


The boat looks good for a first timer! A chip brush will put down more epoxy than necessary so I always use a foam roller and smooth out, known as tipping, the surface with a 3" foam brush afterwards. The slight amount of pooling is no problem, just a little added weight. The cloth is wet enough when it goes clear but make sure you don't put on so much if floats off the wood. If you want a bright cockpit lightly sand the whole area and roll/tip a thin coat of epoxy. You might want to do it twice depending on just how anal you are! (Can we use anal on the forum?) And I don't varnish the cockpit as there is usually a spray skirt or a cockpit cover on.

I use a foam roller for all applications (wetting out cloth, covering bare wood, fill coats) but gluing where those cheap chip brushes come in handy.

Hope this helps.


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