Finishish Inside

Posted by Matt Croce on Apr 29, 2005

OK, I just got done filleting, epoxying, and taping the bow and stern sections of my CH16. Some notes and questions, since this is my first fiberglass work ever...

First, I used a chipping brush to wet out the tape and coat the wood. It seemed to take a long time for the fiberglass tape to we out; as a result I think I added to much epoxy, because I had some of the "glossy pools" that the instruction manual mentions after I was done. Does anyone have any advice on how long to wait after putting the epoxy on before you decide that the piece is REALLY not wet out, and you need to add more?

Second, when I coated the wood, again using the chipping brush, the epoxy was kinda thick. This might've been due to the temp (60 degrees) outside, but I tried running over the wood with a plastic spatula, and I could scrape off most of the epoxy, and the wood was still dark. But this looked to I went back to the brush. Any tips on coating the wood? Use a brush? Use a spatula?

Third, how much cleaning up do you do on the interior prior and after to the second coat of epoxy? I.E. does anyone scrape / sand the interior prior to proceeding?

And finally, how do you finish the inside? I'm planning on bright finishing my boat, but the birght outside (without glass tape, relatively large fillets, etc) will look considerably better -- I was thinking about painting the interior, but wasn't sure if it'd look okay on a bright boat. Whattaya think? If not, do I varnish the inside? If so, how much prep, and how long should I wait before varnishing? I'm using CLC epoxy.

Thanks in advance for all the help!




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