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Posted by Ted Whiteman on Apr 27, 2005

I built a Pygmy Coho for my wife about 4 years ago and 2 years ago built a Ches' 18. I live in the NW so I gravitated towards Pygmy for the first boat because I could visit them easily and have her try them out. I chose the '18' because I felt that it was a better boat for me considering my 6'-7" frame (I was right). The high points for the Coho were its flawless fit - there was much less adjusting to make the panels fit together. I also appreciated their attention to detail when it came to making each panel's grain blend into the next. It would have been nice to have closely matching panels for the deck on my '18' - the coloring and grain is remarkably different fore and aft. I love, however, the look of the smooth, arched deck of the Chesapeake boat. They both perform well. My wife's boat is also a speed demon compared to the 'battleship', as she calls my boat.

If I had it to do again, I would accept the positives and negatives of either boat and go strictly with what I thought looked good to me.

Ted Whiteman

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